Prelims top scorers BP Renegades to perform last at Panorama semis on Sunday

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Prelims top scorers BP Renegades to perform last at Panorama semis on Sunday

Fourteen bands will be doing musical battle on Sunday, when the semi-finals of the National Panorama competition takes place at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

BP Renegades, who scored the highest points (268) in the Large Band preliminaries, drew the last and 14th position when bands choose their order of appearance on Thursday.

However, NLCB Fonclaire will be kickstarting the action.

The semi-finals will see a return of the North Stand and The Greens.

Following Fonclaire will be reigning Panorama champs Desperadoes.

Here is the order of appearance in the Large Band category for Sunday:
1. NLCB Fonclaire
2. Desperadoes
3. Heritage Petroleum Skiffle
4. RBC Redemption Soundsetters
5. First Citizens Supernova
6. Republic Bank Exodus
7. Shell Invaders
8. NLCB Buccooneers
9. HADCO Phase II Pan Groove
10. Proman Starlift
11. Nutrien Silver Stars
12. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps
13. Massy Trinidad All Stars
14. BP Renegades

In the medium category, which will take place prior to the large category and begin at 1pm, Pan Elders will be starting the show.

1. Pan Elders
2. NGC Steel Xplosion
3. Courts Sounds Specialist of Laventille
4. Tunapuna Tipica
5. Sforzata
6. Potential Symphony
7. Curepe Scherzando
8. Arima Angel Harps
9. San City Steel Symphony
10. Dixieland
11. NGC Couva Joylanders
12. Katzenjammers
13. Siparia Deltones
14. Resscott Power Stars
15. Pamberi