Groom Wears Nothing But a Pair of Shorts on Wedding Day


Groom Wears Nothing But a Pair of Shorts on Wedding Day

It’s no new that everyone needs to spruce up and put their best self forward on their big day. However, this man from Indonesia clearly didn’t follow the most taken way and decided to wear only some shorts for his significant day.

In pictures that have circulated around the web via web-based media, the man of the hour can be seen shirtless, wearing shorts, having an arm sling, two or three wraps on. The lady of the hour, nonetheless, can be seen wearing conventional Javanese wedding clothing.

After the photos surfaced on the web, netizens were interested to know the purpose for them.

As detailed by, the husband to be was harmed in a cruiser mishap four days preceding his wedding.

The lady Elinda Dwi told the Indonesian paper that Suprapto had gone out to purchase petroleum when he lost his cognizance and tumbled off the bike. He was unable to fit wear his wedding clothing since he went through a shoulder injury after the mishap.

The viral pictures have gathered a wide range of remarks. While some derided the couple for different reasons, numerous individuals praised the way that the husband to be appeared for the wedding even subsequent to getting harmed.