Police cannot comment on matters under investigation


Police cannot comment on matters under investigation

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith is once again coming at the media for an article titled “Sand and Gravel Gangsters” where it is stated that there was no answer from the CoP on this matter.

In a media release sent this evening by Commissioner Griffith he said that he is disappointed with an article written by Trinidad Guardian adding that police officers cannot comment on any matter which is under an investigation.

He also said that it is an improper practice for a reporter to make one telephone call and then state that there was no answer; where the CoP is known to be extremely accessible to the media.

“I wish to advise those in their haste for a scoop, that I have WhatsApp, text messaging’ and there is a Communications Department within the TTPS; these avenues, should be used in the future instead of rushing to give a false impression that the person in authority is reluctant or unwilling to give a statement, hence adding to the sensationalism of the story, “ says Commissioner Griffith.

The Top CoP says in his haste to get that 24-hour scoop, it is simply unprofessional to make little attempt at bringing balance, as this only serves to damage the reputation of other hard-working journalists in T&T.

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He explained that some cases require more investigation and analysis, “I do not lead or ignite knee jerk police operations, if and when I strike, it would have far-reaching results to put a dent in criminal activities,” said Commissioner Griffith.