PM’s response to PSC collapse “mindboggling”, says Persad-Bissessar

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PM’s response to PSC collapse “mindboggling”, says Persad-Bissessar

That’s how the Opposition Leader described the response of the Prime Minister, to questions on Saturday regarding the collapse of the Police Service Commission.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar said that during the media briefing Saturday, “the Prime Minister did not even try to defend the Attorney General’s recklessness and incompetence which caused the collapse of the entire Police Service Commission (PSC). This is in stark contrast to his defence of other Members of his Cabinet who also faced serious allegations of misconduct.”

She said “He failed to address the pressing issue of what will occur after Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacobs’ acting appointment ends on October 15th. These matters cannot be ignored.”

“On the serious allegations involving (Faris) Al Rawi and the sale of his Porsche to former PolSC member Roger Kawalsingh, Rowley’s only response was that as head of the National Security Council, that matter did not involve him.”

Persad-Bissessar said “If Rowley as the Head of Cabinet, is unconcerned about such scandalous revelations about his Attorney General, then he too is derelict in his duty as Prime Minister.
“Rowley’s attempt to suggest that the collapse of the PolSC was a trivial administrative error was also truly mind-boggling.”

“The Prime Minister must also say whether or not he met with Her Excellency the President and attempted to influence the selection process of the Police Commissioner by tampering with the merit list submitted to Her Excellency.

She said Rowley and Al Rawi have serious questions to answer and must be held to account for the crisis they created.