PM announces slight adjustments to Covid measures

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PM announces slight adjustments to Covid measures

There was a tiny ray of sunshine today, as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced an ease of some of our covid related restrictions.

Speaking at today’s media briefing at the Diplomatic Center, Dr Rowley said “we have looked very closely at the numbers, the projections and the models at what is likely to happen if we do not very carefully manage our coming back out.”
He said “we understand that there are stresses and constraints on the economy and cannot go on like this every week, every month…”

As a result, Rowley announced the following adjustments:
– Gathering of 10 people will be allowed. Previously, it was five people.
– Funerals will now be limited to 20 people. Up from 10 people.
– Caribbean Airlines flights from Trinidad to Tobago moved from 2 flights a day to 6 flights a day.
– 50 per cent rotation in Public Service. People who do not turn up for work will be deemed absent and will face the consequences.
– Exemptions granted to Buccoo Reef and Caroni Swamp tours.
– Existing measures for churches, bars, restaurants continue for two weeks until October 24, once there is no significant uptick in situation.

The prime minister said the Government hopes to ease further restrictions by October 24 once the situation improves.