PM and CoP condemn mass shooting at Harpe Place; assure that police determined to win the fight

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PM and CoP condemn mass shooting at Harpe Place; assure that police determined to win the fight

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Police Commissioner, Erla Harewood-Christopher have both condemned the latest mass murder – the death of five men at the Harpe Place in Port of Spain on Saturday.

The PM, in a social media post, said this latest outrage, where five persons lost their lives at one location in Belmont and three others were killed elsewhere, brings home the depth of the problem that the Government is grappling with.

“This ever increasing total wanton disregard for human life is to be condemned in the soundest of ways. My condolences go out to the families who are today experiencing the pain that traumatizes the entire national community,” he added.

Rowley said: “The presence of and frequent use of assault weapons in our country has brought an added dimension of effectiveness to the murderous lawlessness which continues to plague us.
I want to give the nation the assurance that even as we experience today’s (Saturday) tragedy, the state, through its lawful activities, will continue to identify and extract these weapons and their criminal owners and operators.”

He said the population can rest assured that the state agencies will not give up the fight to rid our streets and other places of the evil that is now widespread as a “gun culture“ in Trinidad and Tobago.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Harewood-Christopher assured the country that the Police Service is determined to bring an end to the current spate of murders and violence.

In a voice note sent to the media, the Top Cop said the TTPS has been actively addressing gang violence in Port of Spain and other areas.

“We are determined to dismantle criminal gangs and make a difference in transforming impacted communities,” she asserted. “We are resolute in working to find the perpetrators in this heinous act, we have deployed a coordinated multi agency approach and are hopeful in making a breakthrough.”

“I again give my commitment to all law abiding citizens that the TTPS is focused on directing all available resources into protecting them from this scourge of gun violence, gang violence and the stress and trauma associated with the loss of loved ones and members of our communities that comes with reprisals and counter reprisals,” she said.

The Police Commissioner said the TTPS will continue its efforts with families to provide pathways out of violence for young people and prosecution for those who are hell bent on maintaining a life of crime.