Brazilian Woman Charged For Taking Dead Man to Bank

Brazilian Woman Charged For Taking Dead Man to Bank

A Civil police investigates the death of a 92-year-old man who was taken by his partner in a wheelchair, when he had been dead for about 12 hours, to a bank agency in the Bank of Brazil to try to withdraw retirement. The case occurred on October 2in in Campinas, in the interior of Sao Paulo.

According to the police report, the woman, who claimed to have a stable relationship with the victim ten years ago, said she took him to the bank because he moved his account, but had lost his password, requiring proof of life. She also informed that in the morning she talked to her husband, and that they agreed to go to the bank.

Once there, she would have said that the man was feeling ill. Municipal guards were called to appear at the scene. When they arrived at the agency, you were being attended to by a civilian firefighter, who checked his pulse and tried to revive him. Then came the SAMU vehicle, which found its death.

After all the procedures, the doctor raised doubts about the victim’s condition, stating that “she appeared to have been dead for a long time, due to the cadaverous state she was in and the swelling of her feet”. The case was registered as suspicious death by the 1st DP of Campinas.

A São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP) said that witnesses are being heard and that the police authority has sent a letter to obtain information on the movement of the Bank account of the victim. “The analysis of the necroscopic report showed that the man was already dead about 12 hours ago before arriving inside the agency.

Other steps are underway with a view to obtaining images and other elements to help clarify the facts ”, he said in a note. Banco do Brasil, on the other hand, reported that the elderly had no pending issues in their bank account, including for proof of life, only the “absence of credentials to access the account and make the withdrawal”.