PH drivers deemed illegal and must be treated as such

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PH drivers deemed illegal and must be treated as such

Minister of Woks and Transport Rohan Sinanan maintains that the operations of PH drivers are illegal and must be treated as such.
He has called on members of the public to aid in this regard.

The Minister was answering a question posed to him in the Senate this morning by Independent Senator Paul Richards.
The recent death of Ashanti Riley has re-started the conversation of the legitimacy of PH taxi drivers.

The teen’s body was found early on Friday by a team of police officers, after the 32-year-old PH driver who had picked her up was detained.

He finally broke under police questioning – telling them the location of her body and also fingering two other men responsible for her killing.

One of those suspects was later detained by Homicide officers at Laventille Road, San Juan, while they continue the hunt for a third suspect.

Speaking in the Senate today, Minister Sinanan said that the matter of PH drivers is being given the attention of the Government.

He said measures have and continue to be put in place to dissuade individuals from engaging in the practice.

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