Nicki Minaj Attacks US Vice President Kamala Harris

Nicki Minaj Attacks US Vice President Kamala Harris

The internet has been spicy with allegations that female rapper, Nicki Minaj and US Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris have been butting-heads.

Reports have claimed that Minaj has been a huge supporter for Bernie Sanders throughout the early stages of the US presidential campaign, she has been highly skeptical of Kamala Harris’ past – as a prosecutor.

According to the website Ballotpedia, Nicki Minaj has always been interested in politics and dipped her heels into the presidential landscape in 2016 and filed FEC documents to begin the process of running for the U.S.’ top office.

 Here are the receipts:


Now Nicki has decided to troll Kamala on social media. First she posted this on Twitter:


Then, she posted something similar on Instagram:


Currently, there’s been no response to Minaj’s trolling by Kamala Harris.