Over 200 MSP inmates to be swabbed for Covid19

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Over 200 MSP inmates to be swabbed for Covid19

All primary and secondary contacts of 18 inmates who tested positive for Covid19 at the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca are to be tested today, and that total number of inmates is well over 200.

Reports are that these inmates will undergo swabbing from today into Thursday.

Commissioner of Prisons (Ag), Dennis Pulchan told GML that these inmates were identified as primary and secondary contacts through tracing of those who would have come in contact with the 18 inmates that tested positive for the COVID-19 over the weekend.

He said: “The inmates who will be swabbed are still in the cordoned-off area in a separate division.”

If these tests result in a full-scale contamination at MSP, Pulchan said “We will then have to probably call out all officers who are on vacation or otherwise. Although we have seen that officers are contracting the virus we are also seeing recoveries so there is a high turnover. Hoping we don’t have to reach to that.”