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Multiple Shootings Leave Five Dead And Two, Including A Police Officer, Injured.

Multiple shooting incidents in East Trinidad on Monday night have left four people dead and two others, including a police constable, injured.

Reports say a fifth person was killed today in Belmont.

Two unidentified men were killed during an attempted robbery at a mini-mart along Tractor Pool Road, Wallerfield. They were among three men, who were armed with firearms that forced their way into the mini-mart, at about 8.40 pm.

However, the suspects encountered an off-duty police officer, as well as a businessman with a licensed gun.  As the suspects began assaulting one of the people at the mini mart, the officer and the businessman pulled out their weapons.

There was an exchange in gunfire, and the suspects ran.

The police officer was shot in the leg while two men were found outside the mini-mart on the ground bleeding from multiple injuries.

Officers from the Northern Division, led by Snr Sup Maharaj, as well as the Homicide Bureau, responded.

A search was conducted for the third suspect. He was not found.

Simultaneously, police responded to a double homicide along Jokhan Trace, Carapo.

Richie Raghoo, 33, and Nyron Phillip, 42, were said to be liming with a group of friends at a home along Jokhan Trace, when a hooded man entered the garage.

Without warning the man pulled out a firearm and shot at everyone in the garage.

The suspect then fled.

Raghoo and Phillip died on the scene

A 21-year-old was shot in the hands and legs.

He was taken to the Arima Hospital for treatment.

The scene was visited by a team of officers led by Insp Pitt and Sgt Ammon, Cpl Rahim, WPC Jacob, and PC Baran, among others.

Meanwhile, police are on the scene of a homicide along Gloster Lodge Road, Belmont.

According to the Express online, at about 11am, residents of the area heard a series of gunshots, and upon investigating they observed the bullet riddled body of a man lying on the ground, and notified the police.