Mom Accused of Killing Daughters To ‘Sell Organs’

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Mom Accused of Killing Daughters To ‘Sell Organs’

On Monday, a Nevada court ruled that  26 year-old Amanda Sharp-Jefferson, to stand trial for killing her two young daughters, is not mentally competent to stand trial.

U.S. District Judge Linda Bell ordered Amanda Sharp-Jefferson held at a secure psychiatric facility pending a determination by doctors that she can stand trial, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported .

The horrific incident occurred on November 10, when the father of the two beautiful girls discovered the gruesome scene. He came home and discovered his 1-year-old baby Rose and 2-month old Lily, had been dismembered and had their body parts stacked on top of each other in a baby swing. Both of the girls were pronounced dead on the scene.

Twisted mom 'drowned her baby daughters because their organs were worth a  lot of money'

According to an arrest report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Fox 5, the children’s father, Jaykwon Singleton, called 911 on Friday afternoon after discovering the children’s bodies.

Singleton said he arrived home and wanted to check on his children, but Sharp-Jefferson “shushed” him, saying the children were asleep. He told police he eventually checked on the children and realized they were cold and not breathing.

“[Sharp-Jefferson] kept shushing him and at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money,” the arrest report alleges.

On the 911 call, a distraught Singleton can be heard asking Sharp-Jefferson, “What did you do?”

After a brief silence, he tells the 911 dispatcher, “she drowned them.” When officers arrived at the scene, they allegedly found the children stacked on top of each other on a baby swing in the couple’s living room.

Police also claimed that she later claimed she had no children and she lived in the apartment alone. Then her story changed again, and she allegedly said she discovered the dead children in her living room, but took a shower instead of calling 911. “I like showers,” she allegedly said, according to the police report.

Singleton told police he had been in a relationship with Sharp-Jefferson since 2018. He said that the relationship fell apart a few weeks ago, when Sharp-Jefferson accused him of cheating on her “with his spirit wife.” Singleton went to visit his grandmother the night before the children were found dead, but says nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“I forgive her,” he told the station. “I love her. If I walk around with hate/anger, I’m not going to be able to get through this situation. I have to act like they’re still here because the only way I can carry on their legacy is to stay positive.”

Sharp-Jefferson is due in court on Thursday afternoon to determine whether she can be released on bond.