Mohit urging gov’t to undertake restorative works on Gaston Street, Montrose, Chaguanas

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Mohit urging gov’t to undertake restorative works on Gaston Street, Montrose, Chaguanas

Chaguanas East MP, Vandana Mohit, said despite repeated requests and site visits for restorative paving works to be undertaken on the Gaston Street, Montrose, Chaguanas road surface, the authorities continue to disregard these much needed submissions.

In a release, she said, “As the Member of Parliament under whose remit this road falls, I have done all within my realm to represent to the government the poor condition and the subsequent benefits to be derived by this undertaking of rehabilitation works on Gaston Street, Montrose, Chaguanas for the general well-being of the residents whilst providing improvement to the motoring public at large.”

“Repeated interventions by my good self to various agencies such as the Highways Division has been advanced, let me place on the records that it is indeed common knowledge that this agency has been historically recommending paving works on several secondary roads in the past and will continue this practice in the future.”

Mohit said, “Approaches via written correspondence to the Secondary Road Rehabilitation Company (SRRC) has been instituted with no response nor commitment to date. Clearly as the representative for the constituency it is indeed frustrating and painful to see the callous approach by this uncaring government on this essential, valid and urgent request. The actions of the government through these respective agencies can only be construed as vindictive, vengeful and smells of political machinations towards Chaguanas East residents because of their electoral decision. These entities actions are discriminatory and seeks to punish the residents for their exercise of their electoral choices by withholding expenditure on the constituency thereby denying them a fair share of the national pie as is outlined in the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.”

She added the Chaguanas Borough Corporation (CBC) is quite willing to undertake the project however they are severely constrained relative to financial allocations which are quite sparse relative to their overall jurisdiction.

Mohit is urging the government through the designated authorities to immediately undertake the restorative works on Gaston Street, Montrose, Chaguanas thus providing a semblance of comfort to both residents and motorists who transverse this important roadway link in Central Trinidad.