MoH concerned with Covid19 cluster cases in St George East county

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MoH concerned with Covid19 cluster cases in St George East county

Roshan Seeramsingh, Geographic Information Systems Manager, of the Epidemiology Division of the Ministry of Health has expressed concern with the rise in Covid19 cluster cases.

During the Ministry of Health Covid19 update on Saturday, Seeramsingh presented a detailed analysis on Covid19 cluster patterns in each county in T&T.

He said he was concerned as they continue to see several cases presenting in home settings along the East-West Corridor spanning the counties of St George Central, St George East and up to St Andrews-St David, he said this was evidence of what was happening in homes and the behaviour among family members.

He said from December 27, 2020 to January 9, 2021, there were eight Covid19 clusters throughout the country.
At that time, the highest number of cases in any given cluster was five.

But between January 10 and January 23, it increased to 14 clusters. And the highest number of cases in a cluster rose to 18. Seven of these 14 clusters were in St George East.

Seeramsingh appealed to people to remain vigilant and enforce public health measures as he said the elderly and babies were among the most vulnerable. He advised people to avoid home gatherings as much as possible.

“This is highlighting that something is going on there. There are cases which have continued to show up within the same regions, highlighting there is greater need for personal responsibility in those areas.”

Dr Osafo Fraser, County Medical Officer of Health for St George East, said many people contracted the virus at their workplaces.

He warned those who work in office settings not to get so comfortable that they forget to take the necessary precautions.