Man Arrested for Defrauding His 35 Girlfriends


Man Arrested for Defrauding His 35 Girlfriends

A man has been busted for allegedly scamming over 35 different women by pretending to be in a serious relationship with each one and conning them into buying him gifts for his ‘birthday.’

 A 39-year-old Japanese man named Takashi Miyagawa told each of his girlfriends his birthday fell on a different date so that they would be inclined to shower him with lavish birthday presents.

All of Miyagawa’s lady loves were so enamored with him; they didn’t notice they were being played.

In his most recent scam, the playboy told a 47-year-old lover that his birthday was on February 22, even though he was actually born on November 13th, authorities said. Another victim claimed he told her his birthday was in July, while another girlfriend was under the impression that his birthday was in April.

Japan’s largest broadcaster MBS released photographic evidence of Miyagawa out on dates with many different women, including a photo of him celebrating at a table with two cakes that said “Happy Birthday.”

MBS said Miyagawa swindled his girlfriends out of JPY 100,000 or $984 USD before the women banded together to bust him.