Lexus Dealers Say New 3-Row Crossover, Off-Road SUV, And EV Are Coming


Lexus Dealers Say New 3-Row Crossover, Off-Road SUV, And EV Are Coming

According to the latest statements from the chairman of the Japanese premium manufacturer’s National Advisory Council of Dealers, John Iacono, Lexus is working on a three-row crossover, an SUV and an electric. The executive acknowledged that the brand’s product cadence has not been as “good as we really would have liked”, but the worst seems to be over.

Thus, Iacono confirmed that Lexus prepares a series of important launches that we will know in the near future and whose objective is to reinforce the current Lexus product portfolio. He went on to say that SUV that dealerships have been crying out for have “received the go-ahead”, while the company recently showcased a number of new models that dealers are “very, very excited about.”

Although the Lexus executive did not give many details about these models, he confirmed that a “Crossover with three rows” of seats “relatively soon”. Presumably it is an SUV that will be located above the Lexus RX L. The RX L is a longer version of the RX that is distinguished by a body that is 110 mm longer in length and an interior with space for up to seven passengers.

He went on to say that we can expect a Unconditional SUV which will have a role as a niche vehicle. It will have a low production volume and it will be something that will make fans of the Japanese brand excited. Finally, although electric cars Lexus are limited to UX 300e, Iacono confirmed that one is coming and believes that “electric vehicles are the future.” He didn’t add any more details about this latest model, but dealers are apparently quite happy with it.

Nor has a period of time been specified in which this three-row crossover, the new SUV and the mysterious electric model Lexus should see the light. However, the company is preparing to reveal an electric prototype this spring.

The production model will likely use the new Direct 4 all-wheel drive powertrain consisting of two electric motors, one front and one rear. When the system was announced last year, Lexus previewed a prototype twin-engine crossover with a combined horsepower of 204 hp and a maximum torque of 300 Nm.