KFC Launches a Gaming Console with Built-in Chicken Warmer

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KFC Launches a Gaming Console with Built-in Chicken Warmer

KFC has unveiled “KF#Console,” its own version of the gaming industry video game, which combines chicken and video games.

After an initial reveal in June that many dismissed as a joke, the console was officially carried out in collaboration with the specialist in PC Cooler Master. Not only is he being dubbed as the end of the “console wars” The system also incorporates a chicken chamber to keep the console cool, while simultaneously keeping the chicken warm.

Reminiscent of the shape of an iconic KFC Bargain Bucket, contains an extreme computational element Intel Nuc 9, as well as a Interchangeable GPU slot. Powered by two 1TB Seagate Barracuda SS#Ds, it is said that the console can start games in seconds.

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While it might be easy to dismiss the reveal with no release date, price, or practical coverage, the representative of Intel, Mark Walton, has assured the players that “it is real” and “if, has a chicken warmer “, which indicates that the system is more in line with being a PC made to measure, instead of a new system.

The full summary of KF#Console it can be found on its official page here, including full specs and unique features.