25 Year Old Man Dies In A  Fire At An HDC Building In Couva

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25 Year Old Man Dies In A Fire At An HDC Building In Couva

The Housing Development Corporation confirms the death of a 25 year old man in a fire which took place at Unit A, Building 27, Anand Yankaran Extension, Exchange Village, Couva on Wednesday.

HDC understands the fire started at approximately 2:30 a.m.

Lorna Foster, the main occupant of the unit, her brother, her son and a friend of her son were at home when the fire occurred.

Residents were alerted to the fire and informed the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service who arrived on the scene and attempted to rescue the victims.

Ms Foster, her brother and her son’s friend escaped the blaze with varying degrees of burns on their body and were taken to the Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

However, Ms Foster’s 25-year-old son died in the fire.

While the cause of the fire is yet to be determined, the HDC understands the duplex unit was destroyed.

The HDC will conduct checks to determine the extent of damage to the building, including water damage to the adjacent units.

HDC’s subsidiary, the Facilities Estate Management Company Limited will ensure the unit is remediated, following the TTFS’ report, and the family is referred to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services for counselling.

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Camille Robinson-Regis thanked the TTFS for its swift response in rescuing the victims and bringing them to safety.

She also thanked them for extinguishing the fire and preventing it from reigniting or spreading to other units.

She expressed condolences to Ms Foster and her family for the loss of their relative and stands ready to assist the family in their time of need.

HDC’s Chairman Noel Garcia and Managing Director Jayselle McFarlane expressed solidarity with the displaced family and offered condolences.

The HDC awaits further information following an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

It will continue to work assiduously to ensure the safety of its residents and prevent such an incident from recurring.