Janet Jackson sparks frenzy after sharing steamy onstage kiss with young dancer | WATCH

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Janet Jackson sparks frenzy after sharing steamy onstage kiss with young dancer | WATCH

Janet Jackson‘s recent steamy encounter with a backup dancer on stage has left fans buzzing.

On Sunday (June 4), while completing her set in Austin, TX, for her Together Again tour, the five-time Grammy-winning singer decided to give fans a show they’ll never forget.

A video clip of the show that surfaced online over the weekend sees Jackson tonguing down her very attractive (and presumably much younger) dancer while on stage.

The crowd immediately roared with excitement as Jackson continued on with her sensual performance. Likewise, the dancer, who has been identified as Dario Boatner, seems more than pleased to be the muse of Ms. Jackson.

Janet Jackson has a long history of putting on steamy performances, most notably on her 1997 Velvet Rope tour, which worked in support of her album of the same name. More recently, during a stop in Pennsylvania back in March, the singer slid her hands down another one of her male dancer’s pants.

However, the internet was buzzing with comments about the kiss and the noticeable age gap between the 57-year-old singer and the young dancer, sparking ongoing discussions about the passionate on-stage kiss they shared “Janet u old as hell mama” and another added disgusted by the incident, “That’s creepy….”.

The internet was concerned about the thoughts provoking question that had it been a man the scenario would have been different and so one user wrote, “Can you give her the same energy you would give to a 57yr old man kissing a 23yrs old girl? I’m sure the comments would have been filled with unnecessary hate … ” As another user added, “Janet is damn near 60 on stage kissing somebody old enough to be her GRANDCHILD …” Some people loathed the smooch session in the concert and one user wrote, “This is sick. That’s a child compared to her. Y’all be giving famous people passes that regular folk wouldn’t get.” Another user added, “Had this been a male superstar and a young impressionable backup dancer. Y’all would be ripping him to shreds right now”

In December 2022, Jackson announced she’d be hitting the road for the Together Again Tour, powered by Live Nation and named after her 1997 No. 1 hit in the coming year. The tour, which kicked off on May 2, has featured a long line of guests, including Ludacris, Busta Rhymes — who joined her at Madison Square to perform their 1998 hit “What’s It Gonna Be?!” — and most recently, Lil Kim.

In other related news, despite already having a long list of accolades, Janet Jackson has added another to her impressive resumé.

Last month, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan announced they had officially named May 30 Janet Jackson Day.

The announcement was made via social media that same night during Jackson’s tour stop at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Thank u to @GovTimWalz & @LtGovFlanagan and the State of Minnesota for the honor of making May 30th officially Janet Jackson Day in the state,” Janet Jackson tweeted alongside a photo showing Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan the declaration, responding to the news.