Jack Warner: The People’s National Movement (PNM) will win the next General Elections

Jack Warner: The People’s National Movement (PNM) will win the next General Elections

Former Minister of Work & Transport and National security Austin Jack Warner in an exclusive interview with IzzSo media said that the PNM will win the next Local Government and General Election. This because the United National Congress (UNC) led by Kamla Persad Bissessar has not reformed itself. He also chastised the UNC’s recent contributions on the budget, and the fractured nature of the present UNC. Mr. Warner said that Mrs. Persad Bissessar is still the best leader for the UNC, however she still has not been able to remove certain people from her circle whom he said are not working in the best interest of the UNC or Mrs. Persad Bissessar.

He said the last time he spoke to Mrs. Persad Bissessar was in 2015 when he was called to a meeting at her home and asked to resign as Minister of National Security. Warner said he still thinks she has significant political capital as the ‘Mother of the Nation” much like Dr. Eric Williams the country’s first Prime Minister is the ‘Father of the Nation’ because if her naturally caring personality, which he said is genuine. He admitted he is open to a possible reconciliation with Mrs. Persad Bissessar but it would not happen once certain people are still in her circle, persons he stopped short of naming. Warner also said its time Mrs. Persad Bissessar looked around at the people around her and made some tough decisions if the UNC can be considered an alternative government to the PNM.

Mr. Warner also said the new parties which number at over ten, have leaders who are only concerned with self, and they need to realise that they will have no impact unless they come together. He also said the UNC also has to accommodate other political entities if it is to have chance in the upcoming general election.