Arima Business Association questions motive of the Opposition in absenting from Anti-Gang Bill

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Arima Business Association questions motive of the Opposition in absenting from Anti-Gang Bill

The Arima Business Association has expressed its utter disappointment in the Opposition’s decision to abstain from extending the life of the Anti-Gang Act for an additional thirty months from 29 November 2020, the same act that they used while in office and supported in 2018.

The association’s head, Reval Chattergoon said that over the years, they have worked with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in securing resources and serving on different committees, community groups and watch groups to assist in making Arima safer.

The Arima Business Association said it championed the call for responses to applicants for firearm users licenses (FUL’s) from which many business operators and citizens benefits.

He said it is now disheartening to see that the welfare, safety and security of our citizens are being trumped by aspirations of gaining political mileage, seemingly with the hope of increasing crime statistics and criminality in our society

The association said the northern division, in which Arima falls, has had the highest crime statistics over the last seven years, with the central and southern divisions’ crime statistics not far behind.

The Arima Business Association questioned the UNC’s motives, asking “Is it the opposition’s agenda, for the next local government election or general election, to say that the current government did nothing to help reduce crime? Is it that crime does not affect their loved ones or the communities they represent?”

“One would expect the opposition to put politics aside and support the government on the extension of the life of the anti-gang act, in a continued attempt to curb the consistent rise in gang related crime. This piece of legislation is a most useful tool in the hands of the national security agencies against the criminal element.”

The association added that “It is noteworthy that the lack of support for the extension of such a pivotal piece of legislation comes only three months after the opposition campaigned throughout the length and breadth of the country, asking the electorate to put them into office on a mandate of responsible governance, yet they act in a most irresponsible manner. We take the opportunity to remind all politicians that citizens are looking on and keeping check.”

The association views the defeat of this bill as a slap in the face, not only to Arima but to the entire country.

They urge all politicians to put country first and make decisions in the best interest of our nation and its citizens.