Indarsingh: Public sector jobs not safe under Rowley’s leadership

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Indarsingh: Public sector jobs not safe under Rowley’s leadership

Couva South MP, Rudranath Indarsingh, says no job is secure under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Indarsingh made the comment following the announcement by Caribbean Airlines, that it will be temporarily laying off staff and slashing salaries among other cost cutting measures.

In a press release, Indarsingh stated that the “announcement by Caribbean Airlines (CAL) paints even gloomier economic prospects of this nation under Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

“Mere days away before this Government reads its sixth consecutive budget; their first for their second term in office; we are learning that one third of CAL’s staff will be temporarily laid off, with other employees to receive salary cuts and contractors to be cut off from the CAL supply chain. This announcement represents a multi-dimensional blow to the functioning of CAL, and sends a grim message to employees throughout the state sector.”

Indarsingh said “It sends a clear picture that public sector jobs are not safe under the administration of Dr Keith Rowley.”
“Despite promises that public servants will not lose their jobs, we have seen where a number of public sector employees have lost their jobs under the Government of Prime Minister Rowley and Minister Imbert.”

He stated that under the People’s Partnership Government, “industrial peace and prosperity abounded” and many citizens were probably regretting their decision made at the polls last month.