Illegally imported medication found at bond in Central Division

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Illegally imported medication found at bond in Central Division

Illegally Imported Medication Found at Bond in Central DivisionA quantity of pharmaceuticals with a street value of $91,200 has been seized by a Specialist Section of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Earlier today, the TTPS Section coordinated an operation which included members of the Customs and Excise Division, during which a suspicious shipment was searched and found to contain 285 boxes containing 5,700 bottles of Enterogermina medication.

The operation today follows extensive intelligence-driven investigations conducted by the Section at a Bond in the Central Division, following information received in November 2022.

Based on these investigations, the origin of the shipment has since been ascertained.

The said package was located and secured at the Bond and officers of the Section and the Customs and Excise Division awaited the arrival of the consignee, however no one showed up to claim the package.

A decision was subsequently taken by the authorities to have the package opened and searched today, during which the illegal items were discovered.

Investigations are ongoing into the matter.


Source: TTPS