Griffith responds to lawsuit against him; says he wasn’t CoP then

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Griffith responds to lawsuit against him; says he wasn’t CoP then

The Commissioner of Police has responded to newspaper reports today, which has revealed that he is being sued by a Freeport widow, whose husband was killed on August 15, 2011, in a head-on collision in Manzanilla.

Maureen Dilchan Maharajh is suing the top cop because an officer, Corporal Dindial Joseph, failed to appear in court eight times during the matter against the man charged with causing her husband’s death. As a result of the officer’s non appearance, the magistrate dismissed the matter.

Disciplinary proceedings against Joseph were also dismissed then.

Maharajh now wants the High Court to order the Police Commissioner to reinstate disciplinary proceedings against the Corporal for not attending court.

However, in a statement to the media today, Griffith said “It is a matter from 2011, and the decision to drop the disciplinary charges against the officer, was made six years ago, long before I became Commissioner of Police.”

“When I became the CoP in 2018, one of the things I noticed was the number of police officers who failed to attend court for one reason or the other.”
He said “I have since put specific policies in place, and I am pleased to say there has been an 80% overall improvement in police officers attending court, with some divisions recording an over 90% improvement.”