Hinds tells public: Be aware of Influenza circulation

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Hinds tells public: Be aware of Influenza circulation

The public is being advised to protect themselves from influenza circulation in the population, this from Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds.

He gave the information while speaking at the Ministry of Health Covid Media Update this morning.

He was asked whether there are other illnesses that the population should be aware of given that the Health Minister was hospitalized last month.

On August 29th the Ministry of Health said Minister Deyalsingh had been hospitalised after experiencing flu-like symptoms.

A diagnosis of COVID-19 had been ruled out, with the Health Minister ultimately stating that he had contracted swine flu. He resumed duty on September 5th after making a full recovery.

H3N2v is a non-human influenza virus that normally circulates in pigs and that has infected humans. Viruses that normally circulate in pigs are “swine influenza viruses.”

When these viruses infect humans, they are termed “variant” viruses.

Dr Hinds noted that both Covid 19 and the H3N2v are transmitted the same and can be reduced the same way as well.