PDP spat has hurt PDP’s image and credibility

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PDP spat has hurt PDP’s image and credibility

Tobago based political analyst, Dr Varnus James says the credibility of the PDP party and the THA government has suffered as a result of the conflict between Farley Augustine and Watson Duke.

Augustine, the THA’s Chief Secretary , yesterday dared his Deputy, Watson Duke, to bring a motion of no confidence against him when Tobago’s Parliament resumes next week Thursday.

However, he warned Duke that if the motion fails, he will demand Duke’s removal from the post.

The disagreement between the duo began last week when Duke posted a video to social media from New York, condemning the THA executive for not helping 27 members of the Roxborough Folk Group.

Augustine responded publicly chiding Watson for his comments following which Duke removed him as Deputy political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots.

However Augustine says if the motion fails, there is to be the ultimate consequence for Duke as he will demand his removal immediately.

Dr James told News Power Now that the spat between the duo has undoubtedly had an impact on the party’s image.

He added that he has been unable to get the two men to either speak with him or with each other in a bid to resolve the issue.

He noted that talks are the only way to find a solution to the ongoing impasse.