Farley: Central Gov’t tiefin’ from Tobago!

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Farley: Central Gov’t tiefin’ from Tobago!

The Central Government has been thieving from the people of Tobago.

These are the allegations of THA Chief Secretary and Secretary of Finance, Trade, and the Economy Farley Augustine.

He made the statement during the presentation of the THA 2023/2024 budget.

He said in fiscal 2023 he requested a total package of $3.97 billion however he said the THA was only allocated $2.6 billion by the Central Government.

Augustine noted that this constituted an underfunding of the THA by some $1.3 billion of the monies requested to meet the expenses of their planned program of works for fiscal year 2023.

News of another leaked audio clip purportedly involving members of the THA surfaced at the weekend.

The clip, which is just over eight minutes long, was leaked on Saturday, and uploaded to various social media sites.

This second clip features the voices of a man and a woman, in which they could be heard discussing plans on utilising propaganda against their political opponents including the establishment of a “Comess Committee” so propagandists should be recruited and employed full-time, allegedly by the THA.

Seeming to reference the first audio clip leaked several weeks ago, he made mention of a demand for monies from a particular contractor being directly linked to monies owed to Tobago by the Central Government.