High praise and encouragement for 45 newly-promoted corporals in Tobago

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High praise and encouragement for 45 newly-promoted corporals in Tobago

Forty-five dedicated police officers attached to the Tobago Division who were promoted to the rank of Corporal were told that they are “not too young to handle responsibility.”

The encouragement was given by Assistant Commissioner of Police, East and Tobago, Collis Hazel, at a celebratory ceremony held on October 10 at the Shirvan Road Police Station.

The atmosphere was “thick with pride and anticipation,” as senior officers from the Tobago Division including Assistant Superintendent of Police, Karen Stewart-Duncan, came forward to commend and congratulate the officers. They were among the cohort of police officers at the Promotion Ceremony held on September 29 at the University of the Southern Caribbean Auditorium in St Joseph.

ACP Hazel underlined the importance of balancing power with humility.
He told the corporals that the path they have chosen, while honourable, might “not always be smooth.”

He urged, however, “With faith and determination, you can overcome any challenge.”
Drawing from his own experiences, ACP Hazel emphasized the importance of resilience.
“The journey has only just begun. Not everything will go as planned but you must reign regardless of the obstacles. You are to be the beacon of hope, honesty and fairness in serving the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

He encouraged the officers to “shun naysayers” while “maintaining their dignity and ethos.
In a particularly poignant moment, he said, “There can be no success without execution” and that their new rank was “hard-earned and well-deserved.”

He highlighted that “leadership in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is not just about authority, but about fostering growth, motivation, and offering help when needed.”
“Persevere, have faith like a mustard seed, climb to the very top and be undeterred by external voices,” he encouraged.

Furthermore, he addressed the cyclical nature of life and leadership, emphasising that while it is crucial to extend a helping hand, it is equally important to understand when one might need help.
“It is good to help people and it is good to do service for everybody so that your life will not be in vain,” he shared.

ASP Duncan underscored the importance of continuous learning and preparation. While congratulating the corporals, she advised them to set their sights on the next milestone, urging them to take their sergeant exams and to “always be prepared for advancement.”

“Promotion is not distant if you change your mindset,” she remarked, motivating the officers to envision themselves serving in even higher capacities.

The senior officers reminded the cohort that the ceremony was not just about promotions but the “weight of the badge, the responsibility it carries, and the continuous journey of growth and service.”