Giant African Snail Discovered In Six Locations In Tobago

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Giant African Snail Discovered In Six Locations In Tobago

The Giant African Snail is in six locations in Tobago.

Areas affected are Carnbee#2 Lamp post #57 and environs, Corner Calder Hall Road and Calder Hall Traffic lights east, Eboe Gully Les Coteaux, Felicity Heights Whim, Mt. Grace Flats and #1 Lambeau Auchenskeoch next to Belgroves Funeral Home.

The Divsion for Food Security, Natural Resources, Evironment and Sustainable Development said this snail consumes a vast range of plant species including vegetable crops, leguminous crops, fruit trees, root crops, forest trees and ornamentals.

In a media release the Division said if the population increases beyond control; it can also become a public nuisance which can affect our tourism product.

It says this pest is also a vector of the rat lung worm that causes eosinophilic meningitis in humans.

To prevent the spread of this destructive pest throughout Tobago all members of the public are strongly advised to refrain from moving potted plants; other planting materials, soil, mulch, grass clippings, compost, manure and general back yard refuse and discarded materials that can harbor snails from the infested areas listed above.

All garbage should be retained and incinerated in the infested areas.