George: Fracture within THA worsening

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George: Fracture within THA worsening

Head of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George says that it seems that the fracture lines are deepening instead of any healing or moves toward unity.

He told the Power Breakfast Show this morning that there seems to be some work being done on getting meetings to address the issue.

He said it is understandable that at times there may be disagreements as is usual in many families but to move forward they discuss the issues and work it out.

However he disclosed that things are not at a stage where the situation can be handled in a mature and responsible manner.

He said the untenable situation is having a devastating effect on Tobago’s economy especially as the island has been suffering for some time. He said this has not augured well for investment in the sister isle.

He said the THA has been a runaway horse for some time now and it has been replete with lack of transparency.

George said that while Duke would have shone a light on the present situation many more issues would have arisen that would not have been brought to light in the public.

He insisted that there is need to place some proper oversight and controls over the Assembly