T&T hit by massive flooding

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T&T hit by massive flooding

Significant rainfall associated with the passage of a low-level trough triggered widespread street, flash and riverine flooding, landslides, and fallen trees, throughout Trinidad and Tobago over the last two days.

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Faris Al-Rawi announced at a media conference yesterday that they received reports of 67 significant flooding events, 106 landslides and 31 fallen trees, bringing the preliminary significant inclement weather reports to 205.

However, the actual impact is much more substantial. Over the weekend, nearly every large river overtopped or caused flooding in low-lying areas.

The St Joseph, Cipero, Aranguez, Caparo, North Oropouche, South Oropouche, Nariva, Arena, Guaracara, Marianne, Caroni and Guanapo Rivers all overtopped, with several smaller rivers and unnamed streams across northern, central and southern Trinidad, as far south as Moruga, wreaking havoc on low-lying communities.

Major floods hit Caparo; Maracas, St Joseph; Valsayn (South and North); St Augustine; Biche; North Oropouche and Vega De Oropouche, St Helena, and still unfolding – Caroni.

Floodwaters ranged from two to ten feet, with some areas only accessible by boat.

Major landslides across Trinidad and Tobago left roadways impassable throughout the weekend, preventing heavy equipment from reaching the blocked areas.

Matelot and Grande Riviere remained cut off from the remainder of Trinidad last evening, as a significant landslide blocked the Paria Main Road, trapping two vehicles before the motorists were rescued.

Similarly, those venturing on the North Coast Road and Blanchiessuse Road faced multiple fallen trees, caved-in roads and flash floods, creating a perilous commute.

Recognising the risk to public safety, the Works Ministry has closed six roads across Trinidad – a relatively unusual move, even during inclement weather.