European Countries Expelling More Diplomats For Alleged Spying

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European Countries Expelling More Diplomats For Alleged Spying

European countries have been expelling diplomats in recent days.

According to the country’s foreign affairs ministry Belgium has expelled 21 Russian diplomats for alleged spying and posing threats to security.

The Dutch foreign ministry has said it’s expelled 17 Russian intelligence agents who were accredited as diplomats.

On Tuesday, Russia announced the expulsion of 10 diplomats from the three Baltic states, including three diplomats each from Estonia and Latvia, and four from Lithuania.

It comes less than two weeks after the three Baltic nations expelled 10 Russian diplomats earlier this month.

Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney, said four senior officials have been asked to leave the country because their activities did not meet international standards of diplomatic behaviour.

Its foreign ministry said North Macedonia ordered the expulsion of five Russian diplomats from the country on Monday.

It follows a string of similar moves made by the United States and several European Union member states since the war began.