T&T Chamber suggests limited curfew from 9PM – 5AM

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T&T Chamber suggests limited curfew from 9PM – 5AM

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce says its members recommend the government implement a limited curfew from 9PM – 5AM on weekdays, and 5pm – 5am on weekends to reduce casual movement of individuals.

The Chamber says only people who work in industrial operations, which need to operate on a shift basis, should be allowed movement during the curfew period with a letter from their employer.

Inter-island transport will have to be considered and allowances made.

In a media release this afternoon, the Chamber said ninety percent of those surveyed agreed a limited curfew is needed.

The Chamber says another proposal from its members is as an interim step is extending the lockdown for another week to evaluate the impact of the actions taken against COVID-19. It says eighty-five percent of those surveyed agreed an extension is

The Chamber is also proposing further reduce crowd density in all essential businesses; as well as ensure proper crowd control at the entrances to these businesses.

It says seventy-nine percent of member respondents agreed with this statement.

The Chamber says its members also recommend review the businesses that are considered essential and open only those that are absolutely necessary for the needs of the citizens, (eg essential repairs).

It says sixty five percent of member respondents agreed that a review is necessary.

The Chamber says it also recommends the utilization of curbside and delivery service options to reduce the interaction and movement of individuals.

Ninety-two percent of those surveyed agreed with this option.

The Chamber says additional efforts need to be taken by business to facilitate work from home.

It says as additional vaccines are received the priority should include persons who are working in the essential businesses to keep them safe.

The Chamber says eighty percent of those surveyed have shown equal concern for lives and livelihoods.