Dominican Republic Builds Wall on Haiti Border


Dominican Republic Builds Wall on Haiti Border

Haiti, on a large island in the Caribbean, shares a border with the Dominican Republic. Both have populations of around 11 million people.

However, the Dominican Republic has constructed 23 kilometers of the boundary fence with Haiti to control migration, carrying, arms and medication dealing, and the robbery of vehicles and animals.

The four-meter-high obstruction is on a concrete block facade bested by a twisting of razor wire, and it is as yet under development by the Dominican Army.

The assembled segments are at the intersection points of Elias Piña and Jimani. Presently, a gathering of organizations is setting spending plans to raise another fence before the year’s end.

As indicated by military sources, the fence won’t cover the 380 Kilometers of the line, as it won’t be fundamental for the sloping territories.

In February, President Luis Abinader said his nation would assemble the fence with innovative frameworks like facial acknowledgment cameras, movement sensors, and infrared light.

“With the fence, we will control all the threats we face daily,” Abinader said then and explained that the barrier should be completed in 2023.

The development of the new hindrance will start at Pedernales, the most un-went of the four existing boundary intersections.