Doja Cat expresses being “tired” and “not happy” on Twitter

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Doja Cat expresses being “tired” and “not happy” on Twitter

Doja Cat has had a very busy 2021. She released her third studio LP ‘Planet Her’, made a guest appearance on the FX television series Dave and hosted the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

The consistent work seems to be weighing on Doja Cat.
The 25-year-old Californian took to Twitter to express her frustrations before she removed the posts.

Doja Cat reportedly wrote:
I’m just tired and I don’t want to do anything. I’m not happy. I’m done saying yes to m############ cuz I can’t even have a week to just chill. I’m never not working. I’m f###### tired. Alex is getting old he’s 68 years old and I can’t even be there for him. I wanna be alone. It’s not anybody else’s fault but mine anyway I just keep agreeing to s### I don’t wanna do in the future. It’s my own dumb-ass fault. And then I’m too tired to put any effort into this s### cuz I’m so run down from everything else. @DojaCat

Those complaints are no longer on Doja Cat’s Twitter page. Her most recent present tweet from October 6 reads, “Getting on Live in 5 minutes to do look with my new BH Cosmetics drop. See u?.”

One Twitter user replied to that tweet by asking Doja Cat if she was okay. Another user suggested Doja appeared to be “down.” The “Kiss Me More” singer simply responded with a “:\” emoticon which typically signifies confusion or indecision.