MOWT officially commissioned the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout

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MOWT officially commissioned the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan officially commissioned the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout Upgrade Project on Thursday 14th July, 2022.

The Ministry of Works and Transport said the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout Upgrade Project was identified as a critical relief measure to improve mobility, drainage capacity and reduce traffic congestion in such areas as Barataria, Morvant/Laventille and environs.

While the upgrade of the existing road network and flood alleviation measures were critical factors in the design of this project, other notable benefits include:

Ø  Rehabilitation of five major intersections – Maritime Roundabout, Morvant Junction, the Priority Bus Route, 2nd Caledonia and Arneaud Avenue intersections

Ø  Rehabilitation of the Maritime Plaza Exit to facilitate improved traffic management

Ø  Reconstruction of the Malick River Bridge between the Priority Bus Route and the Eastern Main Road to increase the hydraulic capacity of the river in that area

Ø  Construction of multiple culvert crossings, pedestrian sidewalks, street lighting and traffic management infrastructure

Ø  Expansion and installation of drainage channels

Ø  Installation of handrails and road safety measures; and

Ø  Improved mobility

Minister Rohan Sinanan said that “The completion of this project heralds several benefits for members of the communities of Morvant, Laventille, Barataria and environs.

Residents and commuters have already experienced significant improvements in traffic congestion and incidents of flooding due to the extensive work undertaken in this area.”

He further stated that “This initiative forms part of a wider programme ofworks currently in progress by the Ministry to systematically improve road infrastructure across the country.”

Through the Programme for Upgrading Road Efficiency (P.U.R.E) Unit over 130 projects are currently ongoing across the country.