Diddy’s son King Combs sued for sexual assault at yacht party

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Diddy’s son King Combs sued for sexual assault at yacht party

Christian Combs, aka King Combs, the son of embattled hip-hop mogul Diddy, has been accused of sexually assaulting a victim on a yacht chartered by his father in 2022.

The lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday by the victim, Grace O’Marcaigh, alleges that she is a victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment and that Combs’ actions inflicted emotional distress on her.

According to the victim, she was an employee on the yacht when Christian sexually assaulted her in December 2022. The boat was reportedly chartered, but Diddy was hosting a party with other celebrities, including Christian. O’Marcaigh, then 25 years old, was hired as a steward on the vessel and was there to provide dinner and drink service to guests from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

She alleges that there were suspected sex workers on the vessel, and she saw the celebrities there using drugs. Diddy’s son, who was drunk, came on the yacht to record music with producer Rodney Jones, and she claims that he was interested in her.

The victim claims she was pressured to take a shot of tequila, and Combs continued to pressure her to have more drinks, which she alleged were possibly spiked with drugs since other women who took the drinks passed or fell over drunk.

The victim claims that Combs also became aggressive and groped her body and private parts. The sexual assault was allegedly caught on tape by Jones, who was recording music on the yacht.

According to NBC news, the audio confirms the victim’s claims that she had declined alcohol from Combs and told him she had to leave. She also could be heard telling him to stop touching her, followed by “kissing” noises.

Combs also allegedly assaulted O’Marcaigh again later in the night in the yacht cinema as he blocked her from leaving the room and began to grope her.

During this incident, she was grabbed by Combs and allegedly forced to perform oral sex on him. Photos in the lawsuit show bruises her arms received. The younger Combs was interrupted in his attack as another person came into the room.

A report was later made to the yacht captain, but no investigation was conducted. The woman also claims she was later released for complaining about the incident to her boss.

O’Marcaigh claims the incident, coupled with job loss, caused her anxiety, panic attacks, and severe suicidal ideations and that she developed an eating disorder and epileptic seizures.

Diddy is also named a defendant in the lawsuit for aiding and abetting his son. O’Marcaigh is being represented by attorneys Tyrone Blackburn and Rodney S. Diggs.

In the meantime, Diddy nor Christian has responded to the lawsuit.