Crash Course host partners with Firearms Training Institute to promote safe use

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Crash Course host partners with Firearms Training Institute to promote safe use

Popular Television host and educator Kezel Jackson is partnering with The Firearms Training Institute Ltd directors Towfeek Ali and Nyree Alfonso to promote public education regarding the safe use and handling of firearms.

T&T based Jackson is the presenter and driving force behind ‘Crash Class’, a weekly TV show which is aired regionally in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Antigua & Barbuda and delivers valuable information to the masses on a variety of subject matters such as Law, Medicine, Social Sciences and History in an entertaining, relatable and engaging manner.

Crash Class’ partnership with The Firearms Training Institute Ltd is seeking to promote education rather than ignorance.

Regarding the importance of firearms education and the motivation behind this collaboration, Kezel stated, “Guns are extremely dangerous if mishandled, both intentionally and unintentionally. If members of the public have the opportunity to buy them, then they should have the opportunity to be educated and trained. Perhaps, it would better serve our citizens to be more well-informed about guns in general.”

The Firearms Training Institute Ltd director Mr. Towfeek Ali echoed Kezel’s sentiments saying, “We hope to build meaningful understanding of the lawful and safe use of firearms, including proper handling and secure storage.”

His co-director Nyree Alfonso shared, “There is a negative perception and stigma surrounding guns, as there is with the ownership of them. Legal ownership of a firearm should not be feared or be taboo to any law-abiding citizen. The real issue which is of national concern is the influx of illegal weaponry which has found its way into the hands of the criminal element.”

All parties emphasized that more awareness, training and education are needed and view this partnership as an imperative tool in achieving these objectives.

These weekly firearms education and safety features will be viewable on upcoming episodes of Crash Class.

In addition to airing on regional broadcast networks Crash Class will soon be available on all Digicel platforms.

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