Covid-19 home test kits a hot seller at pharmacies

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Covid-19 home test kits a hot seller at pharmacies

On the heels of this country’s first full-fledged Carnival in two years, there are reports that COVID-19 home test kits, medication and vitamins are now in high demand at the pharmacies.

Pharmacy Board president Andrew Rahaman, in a GML interview, said this post-Carnival increase in cases has led to home test kits being a hot seller.

According to latest figures from the Ministry of Health on Covid-19, 559 new infections were confirmed over the last week with 396 cases remaining active. This is a huge jump from last week’s update which saw 226 new cases with just 35 active.

Rahaman told the media house: “We have a lot of people who have severe, severe cold symptoms, and thankfully they’re taking the precautions of testing themselves. So much so that I have to confirm if the tests, because we ran out, and I am wondering if the tests are a little scarcer now. At least, I’m getting a little trouble to get some.”

He said people are also purchasing cold medication as well as vitamins.