Couva South MP blames Works Minister for Coast Guard officer’s death

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Couva South MP blames Works Minister for Coast Guard officer’s death

Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh is blaming the Minister of Works and Transport for the death of a Coast Guard officer, who lost control of his motorcycle due to a pothole on Wednesday night.

The accident occurred along the Balmain Main Road.
The Coast guard officer, Joel Baron was said to be on his way to his Couva home.

In a media release, Indarsingh said the deplorable and perilous state of his constituency’s roads have indeed taken a life.

He said that as the Member of Parliament for Couva South, he has raised the issues of poor, deteriorating roads across the constituency on innumerable occasions, “lamenting the state of potholes, unpainted humps, open manholes and the poor quality of the roadways to the Minister of Works and Transport, Senator Rohan Sinanan, and Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Senator Kazim Hosein who are responsible for the care of our roadways.”

Indarsingh said “On too many occasions, such pleas made by myself and others have gone acknowledged only on paper, with little or no action to provide quality roadways for our taxpaying citizens of Couva South and the country at large.
On two occasions dated January 10th, 2020 and September 2nd, 2020 respectively, I wrote to Minister Sinanan on this matter.”

He added “It was therefore with the heaviest of hearts and most troubled of spirits that I learnt of the death of young Coast Guard Joel Baron of Central Trinidad who died because his motorbike went into a pothole while proceeding east along the Balmain Main Road last evening, causing him to lose control of his bike and slam into a nearby wall.

Indarsingh said “the death of Mr. Baron is the clearest signal of the dangerous nature of our nation’s roads, and the need to hold those in public office accountable for their constant failure and evident unwillingness to provide safe and quality roadways for our citizens. ”

The MP said they country must ask Minister Sinanan, what has happened to his pothole patching machines and his pothole patching programme which was launched with much pomp and pageantry around the Queen’s Park Savannah mere years ago?

He laments the state of our nation’s roads on the wholesomeness of human life and said he lays responsibility for the death of Mr. Baron squarely at the feet of Minister Rohan Sinanan and the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley.