Yella Breezy accused of raping someone on the first date

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Yella Breezy accused of raping someone on the first date

An woman back in April reported that she was raped by U.S rapper Yella Breezy.

According to TMZ, the unidentified woman went to the emergency room to report an alleged rape and sexual assault done by the rapper.

The woman claimed in the docs that Yella contacted her on Instagram in late April and asked if she was looking for a “new friend.”

TMZ report states that following their online conversation, they eventually made plans to grab a bite in Dallas, and for some bowling afterward.

The woman said their date went well until she said he invited her back to his place while they waited for their bowling session that was reserved for 10 PM.

She reportedly agreed, and they went back to his apartment.

The alleged victim says when they got there, talked and played cards.

However, she says Yella then asked for a massage while he was shirtless, which she says she gave him.

After finishing up, she says she sat down next to him and that’s when she claims Yella started forcibly kissing her and pulling up her dress.

The woman said that despite her saying “no” repeatedly, Yella inserted his penis into her vagina. She says she was eventually able to break free and make a run for it.