CoP blanked 245,000 curfew pass applicants

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CoP blanked 245,000 curfew pass applicants

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith said he is focusing on the main mission at hand, which is to enforce the country’s law and maintain the State of Emergency Regulations.

Commissioner Griffith revealed that he blanked a total of Two Hundred Forty-Five Thousand (245,000) curfew pass applicants.

Griffith said in the last 30 hours he has received 2,800 letters requesting curfew passes for 250, 000 people – this he said were from people working at roti shops, accountants and many others including members of the media.

He also said he spoke with management at several essential organizations who submitted close to 600 names for passes – this he said had to be reduced in an effort to minimise the movement of too many citizens on the road.

Commissioner Griffith said he only approved 5,000 names.

He said the ‘curfew pass’ is being seen by members of the public as an opportunity to show off.

Commissioner Griffith said the purpose of this SoE is to limit movement.