Firearms, ammunition, and marijuana discovered in Diego Martin


Firearms, ammunition, and marijuana discovered in Diego Martin

During an Operation Strike Back II exercise, officers of the Western Division, Task Force discovered several firearms and ammunition in the Diego Martin district.

The exercise was conducted today Thursday 7th November, between the hours 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm; officers of the WDTF, led by Sgt Brisbane, Cpl Hunte, Cpl Khan, PC Dennis, PC Christopher, and WPC Fredericks conducted a search in the North West Drive, Patna Village and Andrew Trace Diego Martin area where several abandoned structures and bushy areas were searched and a quantity of arms and ammunition were discovered and seized.

The items are as follows:

  • One Keltic assault rifle;
  • Two AR 15 assault rifles, each fitted with one magazine and 5.56 ammunition;
  • One Hk 9mm pistol;
  • One Beretta 9mm pistol each with a magazine and 9mm ammunition;
  • One Advance Security bulletproof vest;
  • Two ski masks;
  • One leg holster; and
  • 3 kilos of compressed Marijuana



Investigations into this remain active.