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CCJ President To Make Keynote Address At Guyana Bar Association Dinner

The Bar Association of Guyana is hosting its inaugural Law Week of Activities under the theme “Advancing the Rule of Law in the New Normal” from April 4-8.

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) was invited to deliver a presentation during the virtual symposium and the CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders, has been invited to deliver (in person) the Keynote Address at the Dinner, which is a culmination of the week’s activities on Saturday, April 9.

During Wednesday’s virtual symposium, under the theme “Guyana’s contribution to CCJ jurisprudence,” Justice Denys Barrow, CCJ Judge, said, “The hosting of the Bar Association Guyana’s Inaugural Law Week 2022 provides a fitting opportunity to fully recognise how greatly the development of an appellate court’s jurisprudence depends on the efforts of the officers of the court and its lawyers. The growth of the jurisprudence begins, in each instance and increment, with the decision of the lawyers to bring the appeal; and it encompasses all the work the lawyers put into the appeal to enable the court to adjudicate. At times, it is overlooked that the court does not bring cases before itself; the lawyers and litigants are the ones who decide what cases to bring, what issues to advocate (or agitate).”


A statement for the CCJ has indicated that Justice Saunders intends to, in his Keynote Address, share some more views and expand on why and how he believes the choice Guyana has made, has advanced Caribbean jurisprudence and has assisted in securing the rule of law in Guyana.

As part of his visit to Guyana, the CCJ President will hold discussions with Madame Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards, Chancellor (Ag) of the Judiciary of Guyana and will pay courtesy calls on His Excellency the President, the Attorney General and Dr Carla Barnett, CBE, new Secretary-General of CARICOM.

A courtesy call on the Leader of the Opposition would have been facilitated but that post is now vacant. During his brief visit, the CCJ President will also participate and address students at the Bar Association of Guyana and the University of Guyana’s student symposium on “Paths in the Legal Profession.”