Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas’ dancehall beef heightens with new round of diss songs

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Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas’ dancehall beef heightens with new round of diss songs

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas beef intensified with a new round of diss tracks from both artists.

Bounty Killer has released another diss track in response to Mr. Vegas, as the two artist’s feud continues with more insults, lyrical jabs, and personal attacks. On Sunday, Killer released a new song, “Target Practice,” where he brings cutting lyrics that reminds him of why he is called the ‘Warlord.’

“R.I.P Scuubi duudi aka rear gas,” Bounty captioned the video on Instagram. “The cremation ceremony was held earlier today at approximately 6pm the ashes will be sent to his immediate family USHER HIM OUT,” he added.

The song was a response to Mr. Vegas’ diss song released on Saturday (Feb 25th), “Empty Clip Bounty Diss 3,” where the “Gyallis” artist also shared that he was inviting other artists to remix the songs and the best remix will receive 10% publishing and USD 500 for a fan-voted winner.

Days before, Vegas released another diss track, “War Tanka,” for Bounty Killer, whom he continued to tarnish as a “pedophile.”

While Vegas has continued his tirade against Bounty, including a birth certificate he claims is of a child born to a 14-year-old impregnated by the Alliance artist, he, however, had strong words for bloggers and those who use his content and referred to him as “G*ygas” as coined by Bounty in his diss tracks.

“As of tomorrow, I’ll be doing a clean-up campaign on YouTube, Facebook and wherever. Anybody weh use any form of disrespect or homophobic epithet against my name or my content mi ago block your page from using my content…have some b*mbocl**t respect. None a unu nah style county Killer when unu a do unu review dem,” Vegas said in a public announcement posted on his Instagram page.

“Don’t upload mi content if unu a deal with disrespect, all right? Mi ago tek them down and mi ago strike unu page. No disrespect. If you know you have been disrespecting me or using any form of homophobic epithet against mi name mi ago strike yuh name so fix it before b*mbocl**t tomorrow,” he added.

Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas have been at odds in recent weeks as their feud reignited, with each calling the other pedophiles as they shared allegations of sexual misconduct with minors they both allege the other committed.

There has been no proper evidence or witness to substantiate either claim. While fans have been stoking the lyrical battle, the artists appear to have a deeply personal problem with each other that has now involved music. They trade diss tracks with fresh insults ranging from lyrical to sometimes getting personal.