Bar Owners Association Calling For 100% Capacity, Full Review Of Safe Zone Policy

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Bar Owners Association Calling For 100% Capacity, Full Review Of Safe Zone Policy

The Executive of the Barkeepers and Operators Association of Trinidad and Tobago is calling for one hundred per cent capacity at all safe zone establishments.

In a media release Monday afternoon, the Association also made the appeal for a full review of the safe zone policy as it pertains to the bar industry.

The Association said it has taken note of several mass gatherings with full party like environment at the taste of Carnival events and other non-sanctioned events which is in total violation of the current health ordinance.

It said while its membership is in total agreement for these types of events to take place for fully vaccinated individuals, this cannot continue while legal, law-abiding businesses are being restricted, suppressed, and penalized for less than what took place at these events.

The Association said while bars continue to operate as SAFE ZONES to vaccinated patrons only, the public continues to congregate and consume alcohol and frolic in all public spaces (beaches, malls, public carparks, shops, supermarkets, wholesalers, and illegal make-shift bars) regardless of their vaccination status which is in contravention of the Public Health Ordinance.

It claimed, while some bars are being charged and dealt the heavy hand of the law by the TTPS, other more prominent bars, some of which are owned, operated, and secured by past and present TTPS officers are being protected, encouraged and allowed to operate in an illegal, lawless behavior and manner.

The Association says it met with the Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob, together with other top-ranking officers of the TTPS on November 18th it discussed all these issues and provided relevant information supporting these claims, and to date absolutely nothing has been done.