BANJELA: A Celebration of Voice

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BANJELA: A Celebration of Voice

In these times of uncertainty and change, the need to find meaning is even more salient. During this pandemic, several aspects seem uncertain and undetermined but for one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most prolific cultural musicians, he continues to make musical strides in the midst of adversity.

Addelon Braveboy, whose stage name is Banjela, is multi-gifted as a Songwriter, Composer, Entertainer, and Producer. His musical development began in elementary school, involving himself in the choir, festivals, and most notably within Calypso school competitions that groomed his musical competence.

When asked how has the coronavirus pandemic affected him as a musician, he said while the coronavirus has made earnings very difficult, he believes that it has aided him the necessary downtime to feed his creativity and improve his skills as an artist.

His spiritual beliefs are no secret, as he is a committed Orisha devotee, however, the team at IzzSo sought to discover how Banjela approaches his creative process? And what is the relationship between his spirituality and his music?


With original compositions of songs such as “Steal Away” and “Bring it Back” his sovereign dedication to calypso music and culture is unmatched. With each song he so passionately ministers, his lyrical content would make any listener’s emotion quake to the urge of musical acceptance.

When asked about his most memorable performance, Banjela most heartedly directed his joy for his performance at the National Young Kings Calypso Monarch, where he was crowned the winner.

This Saturday at 5 pm Banjela stages his virtual live-streamed concert Wack Radio and TV platforms. As to what viewers are to expect?


“Only through braking does something become strong,” said Banjela, as he expressed what lessons he believes he will learn after the pandemic is over.

And as to how fans can support you financially?


Banjela’s objective is to bring change and hope to all people through his ever-changing musical offerings and to expand his music career into a limitless international market as he is well versed in all genres. And to continue to make contributions within the Calypso and Soca arena because of his genuine love for his sweet twin Island Republic, Trinidad and Tobago.

To support and learn more about Banjela, log on, follow, stream, and share his content on these various platforms, Facebook, and Instagram.

Click below to view Banjela’s official music video for T’is We Season: