Ice-T is the new face of Cheerios

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Ice-T is the new face of Cheerios

Rapper, Actor, Producer, and rockstar Ice-T can now add Cheerios to his burgeoning résumé.

The artist is now the face of Honey Nut Cheerios by teaming up with the breakfast brand to help people become more healthy. Specifically, want people to exercise more and consider overall wellness more this year.

The serial giant, which is owned by General Mills, announced they will launch a new initiative called “Pour Your Heart Into It,” where Ice-T and the Cheerios mascot Buzz Bee coach individuals trying to improve their health.

“This stuff doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as a bowl of Cheerios and a walk around the block,” Ice-T explained. “That’s why I wanted to join Buzz to share some different ways to start to get your heart pumping regularly, and help make diet and exercise a happy part of your day.”

The goal is to get the body moving, the heart pumping, and also enjoying the health benefits of a bowl of Cheerios.

Fans can join Coach Ice-T on Pandora as he narrates the 4-minute walking, stretching, core strengthening and dance “Pour Your Heart Into It” workouts, which are accessible via QR code on the back of the limited-edition happy heart shape boxes.

“Cheerios has always been a delicious and heart-healthy choice, and our limited-edition happy heart shapes are designed to remind everyone that taking care of your heart can be fun, too,” said Kathy Dixon, senior brand experience manager for Cheerios. “This year, we’re taking it a step further with our partnership with Ice-T to inspire a change of heart around how people think about both diet and exercise. Instead of a chore, these can actually be some of the best moments in your day.”

Many fans of Ice-T know him as a hard-core gangster rapper or a police officer on the popular TV series “Law & Order.” More hard-core fans know him as the frontman of Grammy award-winning metal band Body Count. Now, you can see Ice-T on the Cheerios Instagram page alongside Buzz Bee!

Ice-T has not quelled his explicit, oftentimes controversial, nature on social media. The Hip-Hop maverick is now a household name.