Bacchanal in THA sitting as THA Head fights back following police search of his residence

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Bacchanal in THA sitting as THA Head fights back following police search of his residence

In what can only be described as an unorthodox move in the Tobago House of Assembly this morning Chief Secretary Farley Augustine presented picture and video ‘evidence’.

In a move that left many viewers more than a little surprised, Augustine first started with what he stated was an unsubstantiated manhunt by the TTPS.

Members of the police’s White-Collar Crime Unit visited the residence of Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Farley Augustine in Lowlands, Tobago, and searched the premises for several hours yesterday.

The search was in relation to the audio recording of THA officials allegedly conspiring to use public funds for propaganda purposes.

During the exercise, items from the home were taken into police custody.

Augustine presented pictures of the search warrants to the Assembly.

He then moved on to a video presentation of what he said was the basis for his suspicions that the flawed TTPS actions were more than shoddy police work.

He said earlier in the month a gentleman tried to meet with him.

Ultimately after refusing to meet with him on several occasion he decided to meet.

Again, in a move that shocked many onlookers and seemed visibly to disturb those present Augustine presented what he described as video and audio evidence of the meeting with them man.

The video which he admitted was taken without the man’s knowledge came with captions however for most of it, the audio was indiscernible and Augustine had to read the script after the video.

Minority Leader of the THA Kelvon Morris then addressed the matter.

However the Presiding Officer was unconvinced.

A little while later Leader of the PDP Watson Duke then signalled his disgust with the airing of the video explaining that it put the individual involved in a precarious po sition, however this too was overruled by the Presiding Officer.