Augustine says PNM intent on dismantling current THA administration

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Augustine says PNM intent on dismantling current THA administration

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, Farley Augustine has described the search warrant recently carried out on his residence, the home of Deputy Chief Secretary Dr Faith B Yisreal and a former chief administrator as “lazy, copy and paste” and “sloppy work by the TTPS.”

During an emergency sitting of the assembly’s members on Wednesday morning, he slammed the officers of the TTPS for conducting the searches, which were done as investigations continue into a leaked voice recording proposing propaganda politics. The voice of one of the two persons heard on the recording, has since been confirmed to be that of the THA Chief Sec. himself.

Augustine claims Tobago’s key police officials are politically aligned with the PNM and are specifically intent on dismantling the current administration of the THA.

He said: “But when the police officers go to work with balisier under their khaki suits, or when the laws and mechanisms for choosing a leader of the TTPS forces prospective leaders to kiss the royal behinds of the sitting prime minister, simply non-illegal concepts will become criminalised for the sole purpose of distressing those who have a different political point of view from those in power.”

“Trinidad and Tobago we are threading on very dangerous grounds.

“It is most on undemocratic of principle, where government and the country cannot peacefully facilitate dissenting voices or point of views.

“Democracy means once right to be even mood and noisy in objection to the government of the day without fear of political persecution. Madam presiding officer, there is prosecution and then there is persecution. What is happening in Tobago at this very hour is persecution.”